What goes into a luxury kitchen remodel?

The pull of luxury is intoxicating: sleek, elegant countertops. Aged, vibrant woods. Customized islands, customized to truly fit the shape and style of your kitchen – all packaged into one stylish and spacious room.

Kitchen Marble topped island

Modern rooms can be kissed with a rustic touch, providing an ambient and euphoric atmosphere; calming shapes, intuitive layouts and beautiful colors combine, showering you with the opulence you deserve.

Luxury kitchens might look absolutely gorgeous, but they can come with a large price tag. Don’t let this put you off, though; the finished results will undoubtedly be breath-taking.

Let’s take a closer look into some of the components that go into a luxury kitchen remodel:


Exceptionally High Quality


One of the first things that you’ll notice when you step into your brand new kitchen is the outstanding level of quality. These types of remodels use the highest-quality materials, to make sure that you really do experience a life of luxury.


From smooth woods with textured satin finishes to beautiful, captivating granites ensure longevity and individual charisma.


Naturally Beautiful


Natural looking features, carefully manufactured by master craftsmen can really make a luxury kitchen remodel, becoming the stand-out, statement features that create a unrivalled ambience in your kitchen.


These luxury materials are captivating to look at, and provide a sense of homeliness that you might never have felt before.


Convenience & Comfort


Comfort and convenience are two of the most important things to consider when it comes to designing a high-end, luxurious kitchen. Making sure that you are both comfortable AND at ease should be one of the primary considerations, this is why we invest so much time into the planning stages, to ensure your complete kitchen remodel suits you and your lifestyle 100%.


Luxurious kitchen remodels can incorporate modern high-tech components that make life that little bit easier.  An experienced designer can also consider kitchen ergonomics to ensure that the space is comfortable and convenient to use.

Each design will be tailored to you and your specific needs, to create something equally as useful as it is beautiful.


Spacious, Aesthetic & Minimalism


“Less is more”, or so they say, and believe us; it’s true. Large, clutter-free spaces that allow your voice to naturally reverberate across the kitchen allow for a certain kind of charisma and charm; having large amounts of free space is a true staple of modern luxury.


Minimalist design is an integral part of crafting luxurious kitchens; they are elegant, regal and neutral, making use of empty space and incredible aesthetics.

What to Expect from a Custom Kitchen Design

Luxurious Kitchen Design

There are countless styles of off-the-shelf kitchen available in a wide selection of colors and looks.  While these kitchens can be fitted into most homes, many homeowners prefer a one-of-a-kind kitchen that fits to their home and lifestyle.

A custom kitchen can complement itself far better to other rooms in the house than a fitted kitchen, regardless of the style your home already has.

Significantly less limitations

With a customized kitchen you don’t have to settle for anything you’re not 100% happy with.  Often with an off-the-shelf model you have to make compromises, not so with a custom solution; you’re in control.  Everything from an almost limitless choice of colors to specific back-splashes and custom cabinets, right down to the finder details such as handles and accents. You won’t have to work around the limitations of your kitchen, your kitchen will work for you, serving your lifestyle perfectly.


A more complete package

When you hire a company to design and install a custom kitchen, they aren’t just thinking about the cabinets and worktops.  They can also help to plan the right flooring, wall color, lighting and appliances that fit eloquently into your home.  Whatever you use your kitchen for, you can create a 100% unique space with a custom kitchen design.  If your kitchen is a room you spend a lot of down-time in, you might consider a specialist television built into the wall, or if entertaining’s your thing, an island or bar might be important to you.

Custom designed kitchen desk-space with wall-mounted TV.

Longer lasting

Custom kitchens are almost always made out of higher grade materials and hand-crafted to exact specification by experienced specialists.  If you want your kitchen to be durable and still look just as good in years to come, a customized kitchen is best.


Better fitting

Sometimes it is not the fact that the homeowner desires a custom style or function but that the room itself requires it.  Some older homes don’t have uniform walls and floors, or have alcoves that make standard cabinets and appliances tricky.  A kitchen designer can consider every minor inconsistency and flaw to plan a kitchen that fits perfectly.

Often people choose a custom kitchen because their glassware and appliances do not fit standard size cabinets.  Although they can offer some flexibility in where the shelving can be placed, sometimes the flexibility isn’t enough.

A kitchen designer can source and recommend premium materials and appliances that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you, such as premium television screens that blend discreetly into your kitchen, unique storage solutions that make better use of your space, and features that make life a little bit easier, like a pot filling tap.

A custom kitchen isn’t just about opening up a limitless choice of colors and finishes, it’s about creating dream room as unique as you.

5 Features to Consider in a Luxury Kitchen Remodel

Every now and then, you may feel the urge to change the look of a section of your home by incorporating or blending in new elements, designs, and technology.

The innate desire to transform your space into something more exquisite and unique brings to mind plenty of amenities that can polish your style and improve convenience.

If you have plans to remodel your kitchen, and would like a premium, fully functional space, then you may be looking for top-notch features and finishes that would make your cooking space extra special.

Whether you want to go for a contemporary, modern or traditional look with your kitchen remodeling, there are countless features available for you to choose from to give your kitchen the high-end luxurious look. Some of the must-have features you may want to consider include:


  1. Blended lighting


Lighting in places beyond your ceiling can be really effective in invoking a certain mood and charm to your kitchen.  Consider light fixtures in inside, under or above cabinets, underneath bars, and LED strip lights lining your cabinet kickboards; such lights blend seamlessly into your kitchen design, and not a single light looks out of place.  A high-end kitchen designer can carefully consider the placement and benefit of each and every piece of lighting.


  1. Recycling system

With an all in one recycling system in your kitchen, instead of a regular trash bin, you have a “super bin” that can help make your trash disposal and recycling super easy, convenient and efficient.

This multi-functioning system serves as a means to effectively handle your different wastes such as plastics, glass, cans and other domestic garbage. This systems technology helps you to keep track of how much debris is contained in its compartments and can also alert you when it’s time for you to unload and take to the proper recycling channels.


  1. Beverage Bar

If you often find yourself entertaining guests, or simply prefer a tipple yourself in the evening or at weekends, why not indulge in a beverage bar?  With a beverage station, customized to fit into your current space, you can include beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, juices, alcohol, and any other beverage your family loves.  The space can be custom designed to include the exact storage space you need, and nothing more.


  1. Countertops made of exotic wood

Unique countertops made of zebrawood, bamboo, mahogany, hard maple, teak, etc with their defining characteristics and quality are uniquely special to each remodel and sure to enhance the image of your kitchen, making it appear more exotic and sophisticated.


  1. Warming Drawers

A Warming drawer is a superb and innovative must-have feature for your kitchen.  The idea is that they keep all your meals hot without compromising on taste, freshness of flavor. You should consider installing warming drawers in your kitchen especially if you have a large household or a busy schedule. With this kitchen appliance, you can prepare meals in advance and also be rest assured that every meal served during large parties or gatherings with family and friends will be hot and tasty.  In a luxury, high-end kitchen warming drawers can be built in the right size for your needs, finished with your preferred style of wood and accents.


For other ideas and examples of luxury kitchen remodels, visit the TR Building and Remodeling Houzz page, or contact us to discuss your own remodeling project.

Whole House Remodel – NY

This whole house remodel in the metro NY area features a traditional colonial style throughout, with large bright spaces and beautiful custom finishes.

The newly remodelled home features a classic office space, luxury kitchen, multiple bedrooms, mudroom and a stunning marbled bathroom.

10 Expert Home Renovation Tips


It is critical that the professionals you hire are aware of your budget before design begins. There is nothing more frustrating than spending lots of time and money on a design, only to discover that the plans you love can’t be built for your budget, or you simply can’t justify paying so much based on the value of your home. At TR Building & Remodeling, we discuss budget from the first meeting to be.


2. Evaluate the professionals you hire

Make sure that the firm you’ve selected to design your project has a proven track record of predicting construction costs accurately. TR Building & Remodeling has more than 14 years of experience estimating and tracking costs for large renovation and new construction projects.

3. Update the budget at each phase of the design

Home renovation plans go through many iterations, so it is imperative to update the budget after each phase of design to maintain a realistic view of the projected costs. If your professional isn’t mindful of costs throughout the design process, the scope of your project can easily creep up, quickly exceeding your established budget. We make a point of reviewing the budget with our clients every step of the way.


4. Lead from your heart rather than your head

Start the design phase by sharing your vision for your home—how you hope to use your new space, as well as any frustrations you have with the current design. Don’t leave anything out, just because it does not seem possible or practical. The skilled team at TR Building & Remodeling will consider your needs and desires and then offer creative, yet realistic, solutions that may not have been apparent to the untrained eye.


5. Decide on the details when you view the plans

When design details are left ambiguous, change orders are much more likely to arise during construction. Insist that your design team designate specifics—such as trim profiles, door styles and cabinet designs—rather than leaving questions for the contractor to fill in. At TR Building & Remodeling, we make sure that every detail is fully understood during the design phase, avoiding costly changes later on.


6. Finalize your selections before construction stars

Choosing materials and fixtures—like appliances, cabinetry, hardware and tile—during the design process ensures a better design solution with more predictable costs and a more streamlined schedule. We work closely with our clients to make sure that all selections are finalized and ordered at the start of the job, eliminating potential delays and keeping the project on time.


7. Invest in the design process

It is easy to underestimate the value of detailed drawings and to see them as an expense you might try to avoid. However, the tighter your budget, the more critical it is to have a well-documented set of drawings. A detailed set of drawings pays for itself by helping you avoid costly change orders, scheduling delays and hours of frustration.


8. Find out who manages the day to day details

To stay on schedule and within budget, a well-run construction project requires a tremendous amount of oversight. Having a dedicated field supervisor is critical to the overall success of your project. When you partner with TR Building & Remodeling, a dedicated field supervisor will run your project from start to finish. Your field supervisor is focused on managing every aspect of your project, which makes a substantial difference in its overall success and your level of enjoyment.


Luxury Kitchen Bar Area


9. Invest in a written schedule

To finish a large project on time, it is critical to partner with a firm that understands the value of running a project with a written schedule. A well-managed schedule should be updated on a weekly basis. TR Building & Remodeling maintains an active construction schedule for every project which includes a three-week look ahead. This ensures that the entire team is kept abreast of the critical dates and milestones of the project which results in a more predictable outcome for all.


10. Consider using a build firm

A design build firm takes care of every stage of your project—from the earliest design sketches all the way through to the final construction details. As a homeowner, you’ll never have to serve as the intermediary between your design team and your contractor. When you work with TR Building & Remodeling, we are accountable for every aspect of your project from design through completion of construction, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable outcome.

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