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When Clients seek a streamlined approach desiring to work with one company that has total ownership of all aspects from design to construction, they choose the Design Build model.

There is great value in this relationship because it is efficient and cost effective. From the beginning, we counsel our clients discussing budget and design elements simultaneously so plans can be drawn according to these important requirements. We collaborate to fully understand their vision leaving less room for misinterpretation during the building process.



We counsel our Clients through each step of the building process, from budget and design to selections and construction.

At the onset, we work closely with our Clients to fully understand their vision, taking into consideration how the current space is utilized for a remodel, or the vision they have to build something new. Understanding the Client’s lifestyle is critical so that we can develop a space for its best use and functionality. For a renovation, our expertise lends itself to provide floor plan solutions that don’t seem to be obvious opportunities. Often, there are terrific layouts hidden from the untrained eye, that when discovered, create the most inviting, efficient, and beautiful spaces.

Our Clients receive a comprehensive proposal with no hidden surprises and completely accurate estimates. As a design build firm, we understand the cost of materials and construction and use this knowledge to develop timeless designs that maximize the Client’s budget.



Clients should expect projects to be finished by the contract completion date. Our conscientious ordering system ensures that materials are on hand prior to starting the project, thereby eliminating downtime and minimizing disruption in your home. Our on-staff Project Managers and Field Supervisors are dedicated to the success of every project and are responsible for all phases of scheduling and ordering of long lead-time items, which creates a steady and predictable outcome for all.

Choosing materials such as cabinets, tile and plumbing fixtures can be overwhelming to a busy homeowner. We create an inclusive list of all necessary selections and offer to personally shop with our Clients to guide them through the process, which also ensures that we keep the project on time. Because we routinely work with preferred suppliers, our Clients can rely on us for our expertise to know that they will receive the highest quality goods at the most competitive prices.



As a project evolves, we conduct weekly production meetings with the Project Manager, Field Supervisor and Client. This keeps all team members informed as to how the project is progressing and allows them the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns. After each weekly meeting, we provide a summary of what has transpired over the last week and also give the team an updated snapshot of what to expect over the next three weeks. We won’t make assumptions or decisions on behalf of the Client, and should an issue arise, which is always a possibility when remodeling, our team works together to quickly and efficiently find a solution.



In order to minimize disruption in your home throughout the building or remodeling process, we maintain a clean and safe workspace. We install dust walls and use protective floor coverings to minimize the migration of dust and debris in your home during the project. We respect your home, keep interruptions to a minimum, and courteously work around your family’s needs.



Our Clients can expect professional accounting from TR Building & Remodeling for all aspects of their job. Our comprehensive, detailed contracts are specific, clear, and easy to understand. Throughout the process, we provide bi-weekly statements that review the status of the account to date. At the close of the project, we provide a history of the account including an itemized report of all allowances vs. actuals and provide corresponding receipts for each purchase. This systemized approach allows us to produce projects on schedule and on budget every time. Our goal is to provide our Customers with the very best experience possible.



Clients come to us to design and deliver custom cabinetry and millwork for kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, media rooms, walk-in closets and more.

Our in-house architectural designer creates solutions that are efficient and functional for both renovations and new construction. Our custom built cabinets are thoughtfully designed, meticulously handcrafted, and seamlessly installed on each job site.

We are pleased to be a cabinet dealer offering the highest quality cabinetry ranging from traditional, transitional, and modern styles.



Our Customers expect the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our tradesmen have honed their skills and are masters at their individual crafts, and TR Building & Remodeling guarantees all of our work against defects in workmanship for a term of 12 months in addition to manufacturers’ warranties for materials.

If you’re a Homeowner looking for one company to design and build your home or renovation, please contact us. We guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you’ll make when planning for your construction project.