Home additions: to renovate or relocate?

When your family is growing and you are in need of more space, you might think that selling your home and moving to a bigger one is the solution to the problem. While this may be one option, it isn’t necessarily the most convenient or affordable one. There are other ways to accommodate your family, in fact, that don’t involve moving at all. You may want to consider some of the home addition benefits that you can take advantage of by choosing addition instead of moving.

Improve Value of Home

Building onto your home is one of the most effective means of increasing its value. Whether you add another room or construct an entire floor, you can enjoy a substantial boost to the market value of your home. Whether or not you are considering selling any time soon, this is one of the most attractive home addition benefits. It can easily make an addition a lucrative investment rather than a needless expense like moving typically is.


Save Money Compared to Moving

Indeed, moving is an expensive and inconvenient way to deal with a lack of space. If you are considering this option, you should first weigh the costs of such action against the cost of a home addition. In most cases, you will find that an addition is a more affordable and feasible way to gain space. You don’t have to uproot kids, potentially change schools and pack up all of your belongings. Just stay where you are and have a contractor complete the necessary construction.

It Can Be a Source of Income

Kids are the most frequent reason families require more space, but once they are out of the house, you won’t need all of it anymore. Another of the most persuasive home addition benefits is the ability to monetize the space after it is no longer needed. An additional room can be a source of income if you rent it out.


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