What to Expect from a Custom Kitchen Design

Luxurious Kitchen Design

There are countless styles of off-the-shelf kitchen available in a wide selection of colors and looks.  While these kitchens can be fitted into most homes, many homeowners prefer a one-of-a-kind kitchen that fits to their home and lifestyle.

A custom kitchen can complement itself far better to other rooms in the house than a fitted kitchen, regardless of the style your home already has.

Significantly less limitations

With a customized kitchen you don’t have to settle for anything you’re not 100% happy with.  Often with an off-the-shelf model you have to make compromises, not so with a custom solution; you’re in control.  Everything from an almost limitless choice of colors to specific back-splashes and custom cabinets, right down to the finder details such as handles and accents. You won’t have to work around the limitations of your kitchen, your kitchen will work for you, serving your lifestyle perfectly.


A more complete package

When you hire a company to design and install a custom kitchen, they aren’t just thinking about the cabinets and worktops.  They can also help to plan the right flooring, wall color, lighting and appliances that fit eloquently into your home.  Whatever you use your kitchen for, you can create a 100% unique space with a custom kitchen design.  If your kitchen is a room you spend a lot of down-time in, you might consider a specialist television built into the wall, or if entertaining’s your thing, an island or bar might be important to you.

Custom designed kitchen desk-space with wall-mounted TV.

Longer lasting

Custom kitchens are almost always made out of higher grade materials and hand-crafted to exact specification by experienced specialists.  If you want your kitchen to be durable and still look just as good in years to come, a customized kitchen is best.


Better fitting

Sometimes it is not the fact that the homeowner desires a custom style or function but that the room itself requires it.  Some older homes don’t have uniform walls and floors, or have alcoves that make standard cabinets and appliances tricky.  A kitchen designer can consider every minor inconsistency and flaw to plan a kitchen that fits perfectly.

Often people choose a custom kitchen because their glassware and appliances do not fit standard size cabinets.  Although they can offer some flexibility in where the shelving can be placed, sometimes the flexibility isn’t enough.

A kitchen designer can source and recommend premium materials and appliances that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you, such as premium television screens that blend discreetly into your kitchen, unique storage solutions that make better use of your space, and features that make life a little bit easier, like a pot filling tap.

A custom kitchen isn’t just about opening up a limitless choice of colors and finishes, it’s about creating dream room as unique as you.