Home Gym Design and Build

Home Gym Design and Build in Lower Fairfield County

Get fit on your time schedule in your custom-designed home gym.

We’ll help you to bring your ideas to life!  Our custom design will allow you to maximize the function of your new fitness space.  We’ll help you to consider the function of your home gym, Will it be just for you and or family or will you want to work out with friends as well?

Whatever your vision, we will help you to realize it.  Whether you only have space or budget for a compact gym, or have a larger fitness space in mind, you can have confidence in our award winning design team.

Using your ideas our in-house designer provides you with a realistic visualization of the gym with 3D renderings. You and our designer will make the decision when the design is ready for the next phase, the build.

Once you make the decision to proceed, we will begin the process of constructing your new gym.  Our carefully planned ordering system means that supplies are available in a timely manner, so your personal gym will be completed on-time.

We will consult with you in selecting the materials. Our goal to build you a fully functioning home gym that meets your needs and expectations.  We can source and install large wall mirrors, specialist flooring, lighting and other fixtures that complete your own vision of how your gym should look and function.

Home Gym in Fairfield County


You can expect

  • A clean, safe and minimally disruptive work-space
  • Detailed reporting and breakdown of costs


As an award winning design and build firm, we have chosen to align ourselves with industry leading specialists who hone their craft and focus on one thing, and do it well.  When we bring in outside specialists or expertise in we use our repository of specialist selected trade partners who offer long-lasting value to your project.

Have confidence in TR Building you design and deliver your dream home gym for you.